Reader Survey: Do You Still Bake No-Knead Bread?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re always fascinated by the cooking sensations that come and go in the zeitgeist of the internet. Bacon is perennially popular, as are cupcakes. But there are also recipes and ideas that burst forward with blazing popularity until it seems that everyone has tried them at least once. Immediate examples? Cake pops and the New York Times’ chocolate chip cookies. But perhaps the greatest have-to-make-it sensation of all is no-knead bread.

And we’re curious: if you catch on to one of these sensations, how long does it take you to move on to something new? Or are these trends sensational because there is something truly classic about them? And for the record, do you still bake no-knead bread?

We still make no-knead bread and we love it. The way that particular recipe combined many classic methods like a slow rise, wet dough, and baking in a pot drew us deeper into baking and gave us a dependable method for a great loaf of bread. Oh, and it’s really easy.

Here’s a little more coverage of no-knead bread:

(Image: Faith Durand)