Reader Garden: Aimee’s Pepper and Potato Patch

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We asked for reader garden photos and tips last month, and a few more came in recently. It’s so exciting to see all your beautiful gardens tucked into small spaces – alleys, windows, deck corners. Here is a container garden from reader Aimee. It includes a couple of unusual plants, as well as a great natural bug repellent.

From Aimee, who says:

We created a container garden in the back corner of our yard in what used to be a dog run (the previous owners took that with them). We grow all kinds of peppers, but mainly super hot habaneros. We also are trying to grow luffa gourds that will cover the back fence, adding privacy for the summer and bringing us luffas for our showers for many years to come.

The most exciting thing that we are trying to grow is potatoes, in a converted storage bin!

And since we like to do things as naturally as possible, we have planted nature’s mighty bug repellent, marigolds! Last year the garden was a success and we can’t wait to see how it turns out this year now that we know a little bit more about what we are doing (for example, only use seed potatoes from a nursery, not a potato from the super market).

Thanks Aimee!

(Photo: Reader Aimee)