The One Tool Almost Every Kitchn Reader Bought in 2020

updated Jan 17, 2021
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Credit: Pinkasevich / Shutterstock

We can’t wait to say goodbye to 2020, but it would be very remiss of us to end the year without acknowledging some of our favorite tools and appliances that got us through it. And while there were a ton of brand-new, exciting finds and a few old favorites, one particular tool was such a huge hit with Kitchn readers that they couldn’t stop buying it (yes, even right now!). Make way for 2020’s most popular kitchen must-have: the Holy Sheet Pan from Great Jones.

If you haven’t jumped aboard the Holy Sheet train yet, you’re probably wondering, “In a sea of sheet pans, what makes this one such a popular pick?” For starters, it’s “more than just a pretty face,” as our Lifestyle Director, Lisa, found out after putting the pan to the test “at least once a day.” Made in the United States from aluminized steel, the pan is designed for “in-and-out-of-the-oven action,” thanks to reinforced steel rods that prevent it from warping, bending, or twisting into weird shapes. The thoughtful construction also heats evenly, delivering beautifully roasted vegetables, perfectly baked cookies, and delicious pizzas every single time. And unlike your average sheet pan, this beauty also has a custom-made nonstick ceramic coating that’s crafted in Switzerland without any PFOE chemicals.

Aside from being a workhorse, the Holy Sheet pan is a stunner. Available in a bright cobalt blue and a broccoli green, it’s one of those cookware pieces you’ll be proud to bring directly from the oven to the dinner table. And once you’re done, just soak the pan for a few minutes in warm water to easily clean up brown spots and grease or toss it into the dishwasher.

While love for the Holy Sheet was strong in 2020, it’ll be a no-brainer go-to in the new year. Because regardless of what 2021 brings with it, we’ll still need all the delicious cookies, cheesy nachos, gooey brownies, and crispy bacon to see us through. Okay, fine, we’ll take the roasted vegetables, too (as long as they’re doused in parmesan!).

Buy: Holy Sheet Pan, $35