The Top 10 Products That The Kitchn Readers Bought During Black Friday and Cyber Monday

published Dec 5, 2023
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Light blue kitchen with grey cabinets, white countertop and stainless steel appliances.

There’s much to look forward to after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have passed. For one, you’ve likely got snazzy new home buys arriving in the mail that you managed to snag at a major discount. For those of us on the commerce side of The Kitchn, we get to breathe a sigh of relief that the shopping chaos is over — for now. But what we’re always most excited about is getting to see which sale products you loved the most. Year after year, there are a few cult-favorite brands and pieces we always expect to make the list, but we also usually see some surprise gadgets that our readers bought en masse. So consider the 10 picks below either reinforcement that the popular pieces you’ve had your eye on really are that great, or consider this an introduction to some cool kitchen must-have items you might not have considered before (but will no doubt come to love).

1 / 10

A kitchen storage accessory that clears up countertop space and makes appliances easier to use? Consider us sold. This brilliant QVC find goes underneath cabinets to stow your blender or coffee maker out of the way. Whenever you want to use that appliance, you simply press down on the front tab, and roll it out toward you. And did we mention there's a built-in drawer underneath?

2 / 10
Le Creuset
was $175.00

Still on sale for just $100, the Le Creuset square grill is a step up from the traditional skillet when it comes to searing steaks, flipping pancakes, or making grilled sandwiches with delicious char marks. Its enameled surface makes it practically nonstick and easy to clean, plus it's available in several colorways (but selling fast!) at this low price.

3 / 10
was $545.00

Caraway has been a big hit with Kitchn readers for a couple of years now, and the cookware set from the brand's Iconics line in particular has been a major standout with both editors and readers. The DTC darling is known for its gorgeous nonstick and non-toxic cookware, but the Iconics collection takes it to another level with pretty hues and gold details, which managing commerce editor Tamara likened to kitchen decor.

4 / 10

If you've been thinking about investing in new flatware for a while, we say go for it! Contributor Katie finally splurged on the set of her dreams, this 20-piece bundle from Food52, and has zero regrets. After collecting the colorful forks, spoons, and knives — and eventually accumulating a whole set — she said she now "giggles with joy" every time she sits down to a meal. Of course, $400 is a pretty penny, so you can always do like Katie and pick up a few pieces to hold you over until you're ready to finish your set.

5 / 10
Great Jones

Great Jones makes some of our favorite cookware, and their small fry pan is no exception. "They’ve become my de facto weekday cookware," wrote contributor Rochelle after testing the brand's ceramic fry pans. The versatile pan has a nonstick, scratch-resistant, Teflon-free surface that can whip up scrambled eggs or sear a fish fillet with very little oil, making it the ultimate go-to for everyday cooking.

6 / 10

If you're not yet familiar with Le Creuset's serveware, you're missing out. This platter is just the thing for passing hors d'oeuvres around to your guests. The large oval plate lets you play with presentation, regardless of whether you're bringing out puff pastries or the Thanksgiving turkey. Despite its beautiful glazed surface, the platter is dishwasher-safe.

7 / 10
was $159.00

We cover a lot of knives here at The Kitchn, but one that readers couldn't stop adding to their carts this past Cyber Weekend was the Global 8" chef's knife. Made in Japan of the finest stainless steel called Cromova 18, it's perfectly balanced, razor-sharp, and an all-around workhorse when it comes to meal prep.

8 / 10
was $19.99

If you love making soup at home but hate the hassle of storing the leftovers, consider these YouCopia food block makers. The 6-cup containers hold liquids that you want to freeze, preventing Ziploc bags from bursting open before their contents have the chance to solidify. All in all, they're an easy, fuss-free way to prevent food spoilage.

9 / 10
was $48.99

Create restaurant-worthy confections at home with this mini cheesecake pan, which can hold up to 12 little cakes at a time. Not only does the pan allow you to experiment with different flavors and recipes, but it's also nonstick and easy to clean. What's more, the individual cups boast removable discs on the bottom, so you can release your cakes without ruining them.

10 / 10
Made In
was $356.00

It's not that we didn't expect to see Made In on this list, but usually when we cover them, it's because we're raving about their cookware or cutlery. It was a pleasant surprise to see that their dinnerware is also a hit with readers. This tabletop set features a mix of plateware for any and every occasion. Each piece is stain-resistant, scratch-proof, and both microwave- and dishwasher-safe — not to mention oven-safe up to 580°F.