15 Innovative Amazon Cleaning Tools Kitchn Readers Couldn’t Stop Adding to Their Carts in 2022

published Dec 27, 2022
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A person cleaning a kitchen counter with a cloth and spray bottle
Credit: Joe Lingeman/Apartment Therapy

It’s that time of year once again, when we’re taking stock and planning out the last shopping trip of the season. The holidays are taking their final bow, and our homes are in need of a deep-cleaning before we ring in the new year. Your kitchen has seen all of your cooking ventures, and your living room has hosted every one of your guests. With the last week of 2022 in full swing, your entire home deserves a total refresh, and we’re here to help. From vacuums to stainless-steel cleaners for your fridge, no area of your space will be missed. Our editors and contributors have been sharing some of their favorite Amazon cleaning tools all year long, and we’ve paid close attention to which ones resonated most with our readers. That’s why we’ve carefully crafted a list of the best of the best, easing your shopping experience and cleaning woes. Happy tidying!

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Rethink what you grab the next time there is a spill or sticky mess to wipe away. Sustainable and durable, these Swedish Dishcloths are a great replacement for paper towels. All you need to do is throw them in the washing machine and you can use them again. They don’t hold onto any scents like a normal sponge, and they’re also available to purchase as a pack of 10, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

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With 10 uses alone, this product instantly eliminates the need for more cleaning tools than necessary. This includes some of the main household needs such as cleaning the floors, sealed stones, tiles, carpets, and furniture, as well as steaming garments. To do all of this, it comes with eight attachments, making the product as versatile as possible. The steam mop is also lightweight and easy to assemble, making it a breeze from the moment it leaves the box. “The PurSteam ThermaPro 211 is seriously a game-changer, and I only wish I had gotten it sooner. I have been wowed by how useful it is and how it makes cleaning my apartment faster and easier,” Director of Commerce Mark Marino wrote in his review. Best of all, this helpful tool is known to be child- and pet-safe.

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Get your deepest clean with this easy-to-use polish. Stainless-steel kitchen products such as your fridge or even parts of the stove are often missed in the normal routine. The Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish easily removes any dirt and grime and doesn’t leave any streaks or residue. Better yet, the formula is designed to resist future smudges, fingerprints, dust, dirt, and oil. For best results, use a microfiber cloth!

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No matter the size of a mess on your floors, this compact yet powerful vacuum will work wonders. Silent — and with 60 minutes of power each use — you not only can clean the whole home in one go, but you can also have it done quietly. This vacuum works well on most services including hardwood, carpet, or tile. Did we mention it’s also less than $50?

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Raise your hand if your fridge has ever had some type of mystery odor. Thanks to this helpful gadget, you’ll no longer have to worry — designed with a compact disk of baking soda, a filter that never leaks, and a suction cup, it can sit discreetly in the back of the fridge. With baking soda as the key ingredient, it reacts to acidic and alkaline molecules to then make sodium salts that won’t give off a scent. “If only I had known about these handy little devices sooner, I could’ve saved myself a whole lot of afternoons with refrigerator shelves in the kitchen, soap up to my elbows, and food getting closer to room temp by the minute,” contributor Stella Totino wrote in her review.

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Weighing in at just 1.2 pounds, this handheld vacuum is stronger than it looks. For small messes or hard-to-reach areas, a device such as this one is perfect to use. Cordless and minimalistic, this tool offers powerful suction, an attachment for crevices, and a washable filter. It’s available in different colors, too — black, white, and mint.

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What’s great about the Peachy Clean Kitchen Scrubber is that it not only gives off a sweet scent, but it also lasts longer than traditional sponges. “Even after seven days of use, the sponge never smelled musty — and at the end, even after scrubbing away all of the grime, the peach smell was still as strong as the very first day I opened the package,” contributor Ashley Abramson wrote in her review.

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Another vacuum that packs a powerful punch, this cleaning device weighs less than 4 pounds and is able to make your floors look spotless. You can easily transition from carpet to hard flooring with the touch of a button and you can simply detach or attach its brushroll in order to clean up different services such as dust and dirt found on furniture, drapes, or upholstery.

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Created with an enzyme-based formula and built-in brush applicator, the Carbona Laundry Stain Scrubber was designed to tackle some of the toughest stains on your clothing. In fact, the brand is known to take care of stains including red wine, grass, and even ink pens. All you have to do is apply the gel formula, gently scrub it with the agitator, let it soak for a few minutes, add to your wash and voila! The stain is officially gone.

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What we love about this spot remover is that it’s odorless and can be used around children and pets. Non-flammable and water-based, the ingredients are safe to use around the house, since the specialized, non-harmful formula quickly separates the stain form the material in order to lift it out.

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What looks to be a typical bar of soap meant to be in the bathroom is actually a powerful stain fighter for loads of laundry. Once you wet the area with the stain, you apply the bar and do a little bit of scrubbing so the product reacts. If you want to use the bar as your detergent, you can do that as well by crumbling the bar and tossing it in your washing machine. It’s also friendly for those who have sensitive skin!

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If you don’t have a dishwasher and rely on hand-washing your dishes with a sponge, then this product is about to be a game-changer for you. The Scrub Mommy sponge was designed specifically for your everyday dishwashing. It uses technology that allows the sponge to react to the temperature of water — if the water is cold, the sponge will get firm to take on tough grime, and if it's hot, it'll stay soft for more delicate jobs.

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This cloth is the only tool you need to clean your glass — just add water! No chemicals are needed and you can instantly save money by not having to purchase paper towels or sprays. Not only is this tool great for glass, but it can also be used on stainless steel and chrome appliances. Best of all, the microfiber technology erases any type of streaks that may be left from fingerprints, oil, or smudges on a glass surface.

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Talk about a combo! Two household brand names have come together to bring a top-rated multi-use sponge to the market. Made with two sides, one side is softer while the other is textured to handle scrubbing. Once you dip it in water, all you have to do is give it a good squeeze to activate the built-in suds. While it works great on dishes, it can also remove stains on clothing and other surfaces. “Reader, it’s safe to say I’m never going back to using a standard sponge for these kinds of baked-on jobs,” Ashley wrote in her review. The sponge completely removed the baked-on mozzarella on Ashley's pizza pan from the previous night.

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Cleaning the oven can be one of the biggest hassles in the kitchen, aside from cooking the meals themselves. Prevent messes you’d have to clean in the oven by simply using this oven liner. You can cut down the liner to fit your oven size, and it can withstand heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It's also washable, so you can reuse this helpful tool over and over again.