Reader Cupboard Challenge: Evaporated Milk and Oreo Cookie Crumbs

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Here’s another Cupboard Challenge in response to our invitation from last week. And really – this invitation always stands! Got some extra pantry staples to use up? A carton of milk about to go off? A bunch of leeks about to shuffle off their mortal coil? Tell us and let us help you come up with frugal and quick solutions for using your food wisely and well.

The latest challenge comes from Sarah. She has just two items: Oreo baking crumbs, and evaporated milk. This one is easy – read on!

Sarah, here are two classic dessert ingredients. We’re not sure if you mean the pre-crumbled Oreo cookies that were sold for baking purposes (they’ve since been discontinued) or merely a package of crumbly Oreos. Either way, they should work just fine in this simple recipe:

Chocolate Crumble Balls – Basically you mix the Oreo crumbs with ice cream then make a fudge sauce with the evaporated milk and other pantry staples and pour it over top. Sweet tooth required!

Here are a couple more options:

Mary Jo’s Oreo Ice Cream Bars
• Also, you can mix the Oreo crumbs with a little butter and sugar until the hold together, then press into a pie dish. Make the filling for Bev’s Chocolate Pie and pour in. Bake.

Any more good ideas and recipes for Sarah?

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