Read What Mirna Valerio Has to Say on Being Overweight and Fit

(Image credit: Bryan Meltz for Runner’s World)

I, like many of you, struggle with my weight and how I look. Also like many of you, I struggle with this even while eating a healthy diet and getting in plenty of exercise. But in recent years, I’ve started really questioning this supposed relationship between weight and health — and so has Mirna Valerio, aka Fat Girl Running.

For me, this all started back when I tried Mark Bittman’s VB6 Diet, which isn’t really a diet at all, in the weight-loss sense, but more of a guide for forming a habit of healthy eating. After years of feeling like anything less than skinny meant I wasn’t healthy, I finally, slowly, gradually started to understand that those two things are not as interrelated as I might have once thought. It’s hard to shed that assumption, though — that assumption that thin means healthy and beautiful, and overweight does not. Really hard.

This is something that Mirna Valerio, the blogger behind Fat Girl Running, confronts head-on in a way I find incredibly powerful, and yes, inspiring. We hear so little from this perspective — people who are happy, healthy, and fit, but don’t match the toned images of athletes from sportswear ads — that when I find enthusiastic, vocal advocates like Mirna, I latch onto them fiercely.

This profile of Mirna in Runner’s World has stuck with me for days, giving me lots to think about and absorb. I highly recommend giving it a read.