Read the ENTIRE Recipe!

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Name: mbd
City: Austin, TX
Resolution: Read the ENTIRE Recipe

Read for mbd’s great story about this worthy goal…

My resolution: I am forever torturing my boyfriend (and often myself) with dinners that happen way too late. In my enthusiasm for trying out a new recipe, which usually stems from looking at a beautiful photograph and assessing the ingredient list, I neglect to consider all the steps needed to actually plate. My most recent example was in trying the Semolina Sesame Seed Twist from Beth Hensperger’s ‘The Bread Bible.’ Being new to bread making, I failed to see the time implications associated with doughs requiring a sponge. We were up until midnight waiting for our wonderful loaves to come out of the oven! But, it was worth the wait!

Thanks, mbd! Readers, can you relate?