Read Gordon Ramsay’s Advice for Frustrated Chefs (and Really, All of Us)

(Image credit: Gordon Ramsay Restaurants)

Gordon Ramsay might not be the first person you’d think of to ask for advice when you’ve hit a wall, but apparently, that’s just what one frustrated young chef did, via a Reddit thread. And Ramsay replied! And he was nice! And his advice is actually really good for all of us when we find ourselves in a cooking rut.

It’s easy to see why a young chef working in a high-stress Michelin-starred kitchen might be on the verge of breakdown, but I often think we home cooks put just as much pressure on ourselves: Make dinner fabulous, then do it again tomorrow night. (And the next night.) Do this while balancing your budget and buying organic food and keeping it all healthy. (But fabulous!) It’s so very easy to get into a rut where cooking just isn’t fun anymore, and we wonder why we do it at all.

Ramsay’s advice, in a nutshell, is to give yourself a break. Literally and figuratively. Walk away and give yourself some space from that thing you’re doing every day. At home, maybe that means taking yourself and your family out to eat. Or taking a break from new recipes and just cooking from your arsenal of tried-and-true meals. Or take a break from those boring, everyday staples and open a cookbook at random. Let yourself do something different.

And if you’re still feeling blue, go travel around Sardinia and Sicily like Ramsay did in his chef-youth — if that doesn’t do the trick, nothing will.