Rare Moon and Stars Watermelon From the NY Times Dining Section 04.30.08

2008_04_30-Times01.jpgAfter a heavy Eating Out section last week, the Times returns with a fabulous Dining In lineup of articles in today’s Dining Section. We were arrested by the photo above of heirloom moon and stars watermelons, the lead image in a story about all the disappearing foods of the United States. The best way to preserve these foods? To Save a Species, Serve It for Dinner. This is a great article; check out the interactive multimedia slideshow of endangered foods too.

More from the Times below, including what fertilizer is and what it means to farmers worldwide, a quick dish of spring vegetables, citrus-infused vodkas and more.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Spirits of the Times: A Tinge of Citrus in a Vodka Bottle – Looking at citrus-infused vodkas.

Sparks of Flavor Stand in for Heat – The Minimalist makes those quick and delicious Chinese stir-fried snow peas.

Shortages Threaten Farmers’ Key Tool: Fertilizer – The quality of life and health in Vietnam has improved enormously since farmers gained access to fertilzers. But now fertilizer prices are tripling. This piece is a good examination of what fertilizer is and what it means for farmers.

Celebrating the Shad by Sparing It – The part of the shad will be played by farmed Atlantic salmon at a shad festival this spring.

And More from Florence Fabricant…
Your Cheese Is Gasping for Breath – Fabricant covers Formaticum’s cheese paper, which we also discovered here.
A Fresh Look at the Spice Rack – A lavish new book on spices and their storage.
Juleps That Go Beyond Mint – Shiso juleps!
A Romanian Lets a Frenchman Into His Salami Shop – Eastern European sausages with a French twist.

(Top image credit: Seed Savers Exchange)