The Most Exotic Food I've Ever Eaten Is An Egg

The Most Exotic Food I've Ever Eaten Is An Egg

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 27, 2009

I wish I could say the most peculiar food I've ever eaten was something fabulous like bugs from a rotting log, or Tofu that smells like a gym locker. Although I've tried plenty of off beat things like squirrel and alligator, I wouldn't call them particularly exotic anymore. But I will tell you the rarest food I've ever partaken of was so delicious, it makes me wish I had a farm in the middle of Nebraska...

My husband's family currently occupies a fabulous farm, in the small town of Hershey Nebraska. Each time we visit and ditch the busy city life, it's amazing how grounded you feel. You can dig your hands in the dirt to help plant things, the stars are so bright you can spend hours staring at them and the food is hands down the best you'll ever find. Anywhere.

This isn't to say that my in-laws are all amazing cooks (although they truly are!!), but the quality of food found on their farm and in their small town, is something unique to a handful of places. When you look at a farm not just as a type of home, but as land that bares food and sustenance, it becomes a whole new creature.

When we visit we're able to partake, not just in vine picked vegetables and fresh picked fruits from the orchard, but we're able to sample some of the freshest and most tender meats, eggs and dairy you'll ever find in one place. The most exotic meal I've ever eaten wasn't a chocolate covered grasshopper or the brain of a baby pig, it was a Hamburger with a farm fresh egg cracked on top.

Our burger was made from beef that was raised on the family farm, bottle fed as babies and watched over as they grew. It's meat that tastes like MEAT and almost makes tube hamburger bought from your local grocer deserve a new title, because they two in comparison... well there's just no similarities. The egg was gathered that morning, with a yolk almost as big as the shell in which it came. It boasted a strong intoxicating flavor that makes you wonder why you would eat anything else. Layered in was cheese from the neighbor down the way, who trades dairy goods for other farm fresh fare. Hands down, the most exotic or rather hard to come by food I've ever tasted is from a small farm in The Heartland.

Even if farming isn't your think, try joining a CSA (or start planning for next year if you missed out this season) to find the same quality of product. There's more than just farmers bringing veggies to your doorstop as well, check for local ranchers and dairy farmers to partake in "exotic cuisine" right from your hometown.

(Image: Flickr Member woodleywonderworks licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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