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You Only Need 2 Ingredients to Make These Ranch Pickles from TikTok

published Jun 2, 2021
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Forget American as apple pie, the hands-down most American food is ranch dressing. It’s the country’s favorite dressing, but it’s also a lifestyle — you can get it as a dip, sprinkled on your chips, or in a fountain for your wedding. Case in point, the Cool Ranch flavor of Doritos is sometimes called “Cool American” abroad. 

The ranch obsession really ramps up when it comes to seasoning — those little envelopes of delicious salty dust that can flavor chicken, crackers, and Chex Mix. And now, thanks to a new video on TikTok, your pickles will get the ranch treatment, too.

How to Make TikTok’s Ranch Pickles

There are just three incredibly simple steps for making ranch pickles: open a jar of pickle spears, add a packet of ranch, and shake. Let it sit in your fridge and, with any luck, your pickles will transform into a ranch-flavored snack.

The first thing I learned while making ranch pickles is that things are rough in the pickle aisle at my grocery store. The video shows kosher dill spears, but my grocery store was not exactly well-stocked. The only pickle spears available were “zesty flavor,” which gave the impression they might already be ranch-flavored. Faced with the choice of chips or whole, I went with a jar of whole baby kosher pickles. 

Before I got to the first step of the recipe, I pulled out a few of the pickles and sliced them in half lengthwise, in case a cut end would help them absorb the flavor. Then I shoved them back into the jar, dumped in a single envelope of ranch seasoning, shook it all up, and stored them in the fridge overnight. 

My Honest Review of Ranch Pickles

While all TikTok recipes seem simple, they can sometimes be deceptive. This one actually was as easy as it looks. I was a little worried when I pulled the pickles out of the fridge the next day because the seasoning seemed to have really sunk to the bottom. But that probably turned out to be for the best — there was a subtle ranch flavor, like a little savory boost to the sour pickle. I would never have thought I needed ranch-flavored pickles (and I’m still not sure I do?) but it was delicious and I will definitely be snacking on this jar.

I can’t imagine suddenly thinking “I need to improve on these pickles!” in the future. But when I make something that only uses part of an envelope of ranch, I usually roll it up and let it languish in my pantry until I do a thorough clean and end up throwing it out. Now, I’ll probably add it to one of the embarrassingly large number of half-full pickle jars in my fridge. 

My only concern is that I like to drink the pickle juice after I finish the jar (which the video caption jokes about doing) by adding it to a little sparkling water. Given how much of the seasoning settled at the bottom, I probably wouldn’t try drinking the ranch-infused brine.

2 Tips for Making Ranch Pickles

  1. Use spears for quicker flavor absorption. The cut pickles definitely absorbed the ranch flavor a little better on the first day, but by the second day the whole baby pickles were also boosted. If you can’t find spears, just use whole baby pickles and leave them an extra day, shaking occasionally.
  2. Boost homemade pickles.  I’m looking forward to trying this ranch trick to give my overly bland garden carrot pickles some extra zesty flavor.