Our 8 Favorite Canned Wines for Summer

updated Jun 3, 2019
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Just when we’ve finally mastered the art of gracefully using a waiter’s key, the trendiest and best new wines have made the skill obsolete. Not because they’re all coming in screw-top bottles (although plenty of good options do come with screw tops!), but because they’re all coming in cans. Just like beer, soda, and LaCroix!

There are lots of canned wines on the market this summer (think: rosé, rosé, and more rosé). Here are some of our current favorites.

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  1. Simpler Wines, $4 for four at Trader Joe’s: What’s better than Two-Buck Chuck? One-Buck Chuck! These new Italian sparkling wines from Trader Joe’s are just a dollar per can and taste like they should cost a lot more. Right now there’s a white and a rosé, but they’re not in all TJ’s locations, so you’ll have to hunt for them.
  2. Lila Pinot Grigio, $12 for four at Ninety Plus Cellars: These canned wines come in three varieties, all perfect for summer: rosé, Italian pinot grigio, and a sparkling variety. If you’re feeling roséd-out, consider picking up this fruity option.
  3. The Infinite Monkey Rosé, $15 for 4 at The Infinite Monkey Theorum: This slighty fizzy, berry-forward wine is basically summer in a can. It’s slightly sweet with an intense strawberry and raspberry situation.
  4. Pam’s Cuties Un-oaked Chardonnay, $96 for 24 cans at Ron Rubin Winery: You should only buy this wine if you really love Chardonnay (like, really love it). Why? Because you have to buy 24 cans! But the wine is sweet, fruity, and light-bodied, so we’re guessing you’ll be able to power through the case during the next few months.
  5. Underwood Rosé, $24 for four at Union Wine Company: We’d buy so many of the wines on this list for the packaging alone, but we’re especially fond of these cans. The wine — with notes of strawberry, watermelon, and peach — isn’t bad either.
  6. Ramona, visit Drink Ramona for info: More of a wine cooler than a straight-up wine, Ramona was created by Jordan Salcito, the wine director at Momofuku restaurants. The grapefruit-y, sparkling drink quickly rose to fame for three reasons: It’s got a fun and retro can, it tastes good, and lots of celebs have been spotted with a can in hand.
  7. Chardonnay Tall Boy, $30 for four at Porch Pounder: Leave it to a company called Porch Pounder to come up with a tall boy of wine. You could share this 18-ounce can of crisp chardonnay, or you can nurse it late into a summer night.
  8. Coppola Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs, $20 for 4 at Francis Ford Coppola: This zippy, sparkling blend of pinot blanc, riesling, and muscat was one of the first canned wines to appear on the market, and it’s still one one of the most popular. Maybe it’s the cute straw that comes with each can that draws people in?

What’s your favorite canned wine?