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The TikTok-Famous Ramen Lasagna Recipe Is Still Making Its Rounds, and We Get the Hype

published Feb 16, 2023
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Package of Sapporo Ichiban Beef Ramen with noodles on counter next to it
Credit: Kelli Foster

You know that feeling when you come across something new that, until that moment, you never knew you desperately needed in your life? Perhaps it was a new piece of tech, or a neat cleaning hack, or maybe a heretofore unheard of kitchen gadget.

I had that feeling this morning. The clouds parted, the angels sung from on high, and I just know now that my life will never be the same. What caused this revelation, you ask? Two words: Ramen Lasagna.

Yes, ramen lasagna. Two of possibly my favorite foods on the face of the planet, together in one glorious dish. I have TikToker and fellow ramen evangelist RamenKingIvan to thank for this glorious mashup, and his video shows you just how easy it is to bring this joyous creation to life in your own kitchen. The best part? Chances are you already have everything you need in your pantry!

Start by preheating your oven (he doesn’t give an exact temperature, but let’s go with 350°F). Grab a small oven-safe dish, two packets of dried instant ramen noodles, a jar of your favorite tomato sauce, and some cheese. Place a block of instant ramen noodles in the dish and cover with a bit of sauce and shredded cheese. Repeat with another layer — noodles, sauce, cheese — and keep repeating until you’ve filled the dish. Top with crumbled noodles and more shredded cheese, baking until bubbly and melty and the noodles soften.

In the video King Ivan, the Ramen Obsessed, uses what appears to be cheddar cheese and a jar of Prego, but the possibilities are really endless. How about a jar of spicy arrabiata sauce and some pepper Jack? Roasted garlic sauce and mozzarella? Why not go for a white lasagna with Alfredo sauce and Parmesan?

Whichever combo you choose, you should definitely add this recipe to the long list of reasons why you should always have instant ramen noodles in your pantry. With these inexpensive staples you can quickly whip up dishes like this Red Curry Shrimp Ramen or Rabokki (a ramen and tteokbokki mashup). Heck, you might even be able to repair a broken sink

As for me though, I’ll be using every single packet of ramen in my cabinets to make pan after pan of ramen lasagna from here on out.