Rainbow Bagels Are Out, Oreo Bagels Are In. We Are All Doomed.

(Image credit: @hannahouimet)

You might remember a few months back when we (and a whole bunch of other food sites) wrote about the rise of the rainbow bagel. People lined up hours before the store opened to get their hands on something that everyone was talking about. But like all trends, its time has come and passed. The rainbow bagel has now been overshadowed by a new – albeit less colorful – bagel. Welcome to the age of the Oreo bagel.

The “Oreo Overload” is the brainchild of the bakers at The Bagel Nook in New Jersey. They filled a chocolate and vanilla swirled bagel with a combination of whole Oreos and — of course — cookies and cream cream cheese frosting. It sounds pretty diabolical, no?

I bet it’s tasty, but I have to admit that I’m a little bewildered by the recent surge in dessert-themed bagels. I mean, we already have ice cream sandwiches — do we really need another sandwich for dessert? I’d argue that all of these bagels would be better if they were made with 100 percent less bagel, more cookies, and the addition of ice cream. Keep the wild colors and fillings, of course, but leave the bagels savory, please.

Have you tried one of these over-the-top bagels? Are they actually so good that they deserve their own dessert category?

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