Rachael Ray Reminds You of Your Table Manners

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

How old were you when you finally figured out which fork should be used first from a formal placesetting? Do you know which bread plate is yours? What about cutting all your meat before eating — is that ok? No worries, Rachael Ray has your back (and without saying “Yum-o!”).

Did you know Rachael Ray had a blog? Of course she does. She has EVOO, dog food, a magazine, a talk show, a cooking show… and of course a blog too. She recently talked about manners, and although her post is not a complete list of things you should check off to ensure proper etiquette, it has some great reminders.

Here are a few pointers to brush up on:
• Your napkin can go at the left or top of the plate as long as the fold faces in.
• Dessert and bread plates are to the left of the plate
• Water and wine glasses should be placed at the top on the right.

Were any of those new to you? If so, check out her full list to see if there’s any more you should be storing away for those nights where fancy dinners are served. Although most people probably won’t notice if you put your napkin in the wrong place, they might look at you funny if you eat from their bread plate!

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(Image: Flickr member Luigi Crespo Photography licensed for use by Creative Commons)