Rachael Ray One of Time’s 100 Most Influential People

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Unless using terms like “EVOO” and cooking with turkey cold cuts really have become normal in your household, you’ll never guess.

It’s Rachael Ray. And if that weren’t shocking enough, guess who wrote her profile for the magazine? Mario Batali, whose kids apparently enjoyed a recent dinner at Ms. Ray’s house.

If someone can give me a good argument for why it is Rachael Ray alone getting America to cook more, I’ll listen. But until I hear, I’m still convinced that this effort began years ago with people like Julia Child and Jeff Smith, and other early pioneers of television cooking. Perhaps the honor should go to the marketing team behind Ms. Ray? Or perhaps, and I will take your argument, I will listen patiently, there is a good reason why Rachael takes the cake anymore than any of the other dozens of players in popular food culture.

(via Slashfood)