QVC Is Offering Black Friday Prices on Apple Products, Nintendo Switches, and More Must-Have Tech (Grab Them Before They’re Gone!)

published Oct 18, 2022
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Credit: Samara Vise

Unless you’re a total tech fanatic who buys the latest iPhone the day it drops, you’re probably accustomed to waiting for coveted electronics to go on sale before purchasing. This is totally understandable when you consider that, unlike cookware or home decor, a lot of digital devices cost hundreds of dollars at regular price. Fortunately, we’re almost at that point in the year when you can find almost anything at a spectacular discount. But if you’re looking to get your holiday shopping out of the way before stores and sites are flooded with other customers, you’re in luck. Some retailers are holding early sales on popular items, and that includes QVC. Not the first place you think of for tech, I know. But right now, you can find Apple products, gaming consoles, and much more at QVC’s early Black Friday event. To see some of the most shop-worthy deals, keep reading.

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was $1519.00

Apple's Macbook Air is the perfect everyday laptop, and I'm speaking from experience. This one is more than $200 off, and it comes with wireless Bluetooth headphones, a protective clip case, and other accessories. The laptop is so sleek and lightweight, you'll barely feel it on your work commute or walk to class. In other words, it's perfect for both personal and professional use.

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was $399.99

After the proliferation of Game Boys, Nintendo DS's, and Tamagotchis, that ruled the childhood of almost every millenial, handheld gaming systems seemingly tapered off in terms of popularity. Leave it to the Nintendo Switch to revive the hype. This Christmas, buy one for your younger relatives (or yourself) for $60 off. As if it wasn't already so convenient to carry, this Switch Lite also comes with its own case, among other accessories.

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was $174.98

At just $90, this Amazon Fire tablet is incredibly inexpensive, especially considering all of its cool features. You can download a lot of the same apps onto it, plus you have the option to stream shows and listen to music. Connect your Alexa to the tablet, and get updates on things like weather and traffic. The Amazon Fire is as useful as your smartphone, but much easier to navigate in some ways.

4 / 10
was $1099.99

Whether you're a gamer, yourself, or want to be known as the cool older sibling this holiday season, this PS5 console will fulfill all gaming desires. With this purchase, you'll also receive a headset, two controllers with sleeves, a charging dock, and other items. To fully immerse you in your game, the controllers have Sony's DualSense technology, which lets you physically feel the environment you see on the screen.

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was $544.50

If you've been holding out on buying an Apple Watch, now's the perfect opportunity. This series 6 model is at a significant markdown, and it's available in 30 different band and charging stand color combinations. You also get a stylish leather strap with your purchase! Track your fitness levels, answer phone calls, and stay on top of emails with this ingenious watch.

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was $3499.99

Now that streaming has overtaken cable television, you no longer need a flatscreen, which is a relief for small-space dwellers. Instead, opt for this Samsung projector, which can create a screen display of up to 120". You don't even have to install it into the ceiling — simply place the projector on top of your sideboard, and it's ready to use. Connect your smart home assistant, and you don't have to worry about looking for the remote, either.

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was $829.96

If you prefer an Xbox to the PS5, QVC has that, too! The Series X is the latest generation of the console, so you're getting all the newest features. Included in this set are two games, as well as a headset and wireless controllers. With this model, Xbox promises true-to-life graphics and a fully immersive spatial sound experience. Your loved ones will undoubtedly feel nothing but joy upon unwrapping this gift.

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was $339.98

If there's one adult purchase that's worth every penny, it's a printer. The HP OfficePro Jet saves you from having to go to the library or UPS store to print your files and shipping labels. It also seamlessly connects to your Wi-Fi, so you can also print from your smartphone in addition to a computer. And the printer comes with some ink cartridges, so it'll be a while before you have to repurchase.

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was $869.00

A wise man on TikTok once said that everyone who owns an iPad seems to have their life together. You, too, can get caught up on all school and work tasks with this iPad Mini, which comes with a Bluetooth keyboard and earbuds, a wireless mouse, and other accessories. The iPad has powerful sound quality and an impeccable display, making it the optimal device for both work calls and TV streaming.

10 / 10
was $99.99

At first, these wireless earbuds look just like any other product in their category. But you'll be happy to learn that their case doubles as a wireless Bluetooth speaker. As a result, you can keep your guilty pleasure songs limited to your ears only, or get the party started with some ambient tunes. At $90, these earbuds are also cheaper than the latest name-brand alternative.