The Small-Space-Friendly Dyson That One Editor Recommends to Everyone Is $150 Off — and It Might Make You Want to Vacuum Every Day

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I became a Dyson convert five years ago after trying one of their vacuums at my parents’ house. I wasn’t looking to give up my tiny, handheld vacuum, because despite its many flaws — not picking up dirt on the first pass, letting dirt fall out, and running out of power in five minutes — I was able to (sort of) make it work. I told myself I didn’t need anything as fancy as a vacuum cleaner that made vacuuming easy (too luxurious!). Today, I am so glad I wised up and made an investment in something that keeps my apartment clean. And, the QVC sale on one of our favorite vacuums that’s going on right now is a great time to make your own investment, too!

Dyson’s Omni-Glide has all the fundamental features that make their stick vacuums so popular: a powerful motor, an easy-to-empty dirt container, and enough detachable extensions to tackle any standard vacuuming job. However, there are a few areas where it earns bonus points for being extra-versatile and convenient. Honestly, this vacuum can do things that my more expensive Dyson V8 Animal can’t, and at $299.98, it’s a bargain.

One major improvement is its omnidirectional head (I just realized that’s where they get the “omni” from). Because the head has two brushes that simultaneously pull in dirt from the front, back, and sides, it actively cleans no matter where you move it. The entire head also swivels in a way that I didn’t think household vacuums could. My V8 Animal rotates easily enough, but the Omni-Glide is more responsive to your movements. And, at just 4.2 pounds, it’s incredibly lightweight.

The reason this is our favorite vacuum for hardwood floors has a lot to do with its soft nylon brushes. They’re gentle on hard surfaces — wood, tile, stone, you name it — and do a superior job of trapping particles without blowing any astray. That means small piles of dirt, crumbs, or (in my case) cat litter, get sucked up completely instead of being dispersed into little trails you have to chase down later.

Credit: QVC

But my favorite detail — and the one that makes me jealous — is the removable battery. Dyson’s stick vacuums typically come with a wall mount that doubles as a charging station. That’s how I store my Dyson and I wouldn’t have it any other way … unless I had an Omni-Glide. You can slide its battery right out of the handle and charge it in the dock without needing to have the rest of the vacuum attached. That gives you the option to hang your vacuum up if you know you always want it within reach or stash it in a closet if you don’t feel like making it part of your decor. (Though it is a Dyson, so you might want to show it off!)

Unlike my former vacuum, which shall remain nameless, this one works fantastically in handheld mode. QVC’s sale includes a bundle of three interchangeable heads that take this vacuum far beyond floors, too: The flat “worktop” head gets crumbs on counters; the crevice tool dives deep in between couch — or car seat — cushions and reaches up high to dust air vents; and the miniature, motorized head has bristles to clean rugs and furniture (including pet beds). 

I’ll never get back the minutes — or possibly hours — I spent hunched over with my old vacuum. But, I can take solace knowing I’ve moved on. My Dyson changed my outlook on vacuuming from a time-sucking chore to an unobtrusive part of my routine. This Dyson can do that and more, and it’s on sale!

Buy: Dyson Omni-Glide, $299.98 (normally $449.99).