Quitokeeto: An Online Pop-Up Shop Curated By Heidi Swanson

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Quitokeeto (pronounced “kee-toh”) is an online pop-up shop curated by Heidi Swanson (of 101cookbooks.com) and Wayne Bremser. With an eye towards beautiful, lasting design, the shop features utilitarian kitchen “jewelry” and unique products from small producers. Their aim is to stock a very short list of things that are special, lovely, and worth owning.

The shop is only open occasionally when new items come in, but because the selection is so small, items sell out quickly! If you join their mailing list, you will be notified first when the shop is open, or when there are new items or older items are back in stock. Everything is currently sold out, so get on that list soon for the next stock!

(Images: Quitokeeto)