Linzy’s Sesame Crusted Salmon over Tahini Miso Sauce Quick Weeknight Meals Recipe Contest 2009

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Recipe: Sesame Crusted Salmon over Spicy Tahini Miso Sauce
Category: Omnivore
How long does it take? 20 minutes or less, once your oven is nice and hot.
Name: Linzy
Why is it a favorite meal? Barely any prep work for a beautifully healthy meal. Creamy, crunchy, bold, yet, oh so simple. Mmmm…

Sesame Crusted Salmon over Spicy Tahini Miso Sauce

For the Fish:
2 Salmon Filets
2 T Black & White Sesame Seeds, toasted up good.
Salt n’ peppa

Preheat that oven to 400.

Make sure your sesame seeds are nice and toasted–toss them in a hot pan for a minute or two.

(If you feel like getting extra fancy, crush up a few of the sesame seeds with the pepper to open up the flavor)

Now pat those seeds on them filets!

Throw it in a baking dish and shove it in the oven for 12-15 minutes.

For the Spicy Tahini Miso “Sauce” (or descriptive sauce-like word of your choice):
2 heapin’ T Tahini
1 heapin’ T White Miso
3 heapin’ T Ricotta*
A shake or three of Cayenne or dab or five of Siracha, to your likin’
A splash or so of Milk*

Now mix it all up, making it as creamy as you’d like, serving it cool under the hot salmon filets.

If you don’t like it spicy, then by all means, cut out the spice. I promise I’m not judging you.

*I use fat free Ricotta and Milk, and it’s lovely just the same–the tahini takes care of business and balances it out.

So, how quick was THAT?

Didn’t even have to chop a thing.

I mean, unless you want to take that avocado, lime, and green onion garnishing pictured above to heart, then by all means, slice away.

Lemon is also nice.

Thanks Linzy, and good luck! Readers, give Linzy a thumbs up if you like this recipe!

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