Quick Tip: Using Whole Cumin Seeds

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Thanks to the peek inside Devesh and Tara’s Spice Pantry, we’ve got seeds on the brain. One we’ve been loving lately: whole cumin. Toasting the seeds is easy, and they add a complex texture and flavor you can’t get from ground cumin.

We used them this weekend in a Sexy, Spicy Broccoli, and the aroma wafting through our apartment while that broccoli marinated on the countertop was strong and smoky, largely due to the cumin seeds that had been quickly fried in olive oil and garlic.

Last night we toasted some in a dry skillet for about 5 minutes (this mini-skillet would be perfect), then threw them in a tortilla with some black beans, avocado, sautéed red peppers, and cilantro. They are crunchy but not intrusive, and the flavor is like ground cumin on a grand scale — more distinct, in the forefront, and sharper.

Kitchn Curees: Have you found some whole cumin seeds hiding in your pantry that are still good? Use them!

Here are some recipes: