Quick Tip: Try Mixing Grains!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

At a recent dinner party, a bowl of grains was passed around and when it got to me, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what grain it was. After trying a few bites, I finally (and somewhat sheepishly) had to ask my hostess. Here’s what she said.

It turns out that just before the dinner party she realized that she was almost out of rice. Instead of panicking (like I probably would have done), she simply added some quinoa and cooked both grains together in the same pot.

The resulting bowl of cooked grains was the best of both worlds: the white rice was chewy and satisfying while the quinoa added subtle nutty flavors. Because the two grains cooked at different speeds, quinoa melted into the longer-cooking rice and gave a creaminess to the whole dish.

I’m definitely curious to try cooking up my own pot of mixed grains! I think I’ll start by using the average amount of liquid required between all the grains and then approximating cooking time based on the grain that will take the longest to cook. This will definitely be a “taste and adjust as needed” kind of experiment!

Have you ever cooked mixed grains? Which combinations do you recommend?

(Images: Emily Ho, Faith Hopler, and Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan for the Kitchn)