Quick Tip: Store Nuts in the Freezer

updated May 2, 2019
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We stocked up on nuts this past weekend in anticipation of all the holiday baking we have planned in the next two months. A while back, we learned that the best place to keep nuts for long-term storage like this is actually the freezer, not the pantry. Here’s why!

All nuts have a super high in oil content. This is what makes them so delicious, after all! But because they’re so high in oil, nuts can easily go rancid from light and heat exposure. They also tend to absorb odors from the environment around them.

For these reasons, it’s best to store nuts in opaque, air-tight containers in the fridge or freezer. The cool temperatures slow down staling and prevents rancidity while the dark space further protects them from light damage. They don’t contain a lot of water, so nuts can be frozen for quite some time without causing damage to their basic structure or flavor.

Do you store your nuts in the freezer, too, or do you do something different?

(Image: Flickr member beggs licensed under Creative Commons)