Quick Tip: Slice Loaves of Bread Before Freezing

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I usually make two loaves of bread at once: one for now, and one that goes in the freezer for later. This is a fantastic arrangement… except for when I forget to take the second loaf out to thaw before I actually need it.

But here’s a tip I picked up from a former roommate: freeze your bread pre-sliced. Amazingly, the slices don’t stick together (with the occasional exception), and you can just take one or two slices as you need them. Back then, I thought she was kinda weird. Now I think she’s brilliant.

These thin slices of bread thaw very quickly, and amazingly, retain their texture very well. You can pop a slice of frozen bread right in the toaster and be spreading it with jam a few minutes later. My old roommate also used to make her lunch sandwiches using frozen bread, saying that it kept her sandwich cool and was completely thawed by the time she ate it.

This is a great solution for those of us who take a while to work our way through a loaf of bread (or forget to thaw their bread ahead of time). It becomes an extra-brilliant solution in the humid summer months when bread starts going moldy in a few days.

Do you ever slice your bread like this before freezing?