Quick Tip: Separate Your Measuring Spoons!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Removing the measuring spoons from their ring feels like a major taboo, doesn’t it? No matter how awkward or downright annoying it’s been to use one scoop while holding back the others, it never seemed quite right to actually divide them up. Well, friends, it’s time we got over that mindset!

This is one of those simple and rather obvious tips that really makes such a difference. Single measuring spoons are a lot easier to maneuver into small jars of ingredients, and we’re not constantly trying to keep used measuring spoons from touching the clean ones. We also use the tablespoon and teaspoon measure the most, so there’s really no need to mess with the entire set every time we cook.

One of our biggest and somewhat irrational fears about separating the spoons was that we would lose one or not be able to quickly find the we measure need. With a little thought and cupboard organization, keeping track of individual spoons is no more trouble than keeping track of the whole set.

We’re keeping our spoons in a spare plastic container in our equipment drawer. When we’re doing a big cooking project, we take the container out and set it on the counter where we can easily see and grab the measure we need. And when they’re washed and dried, everyone in our house knows that they go right back into the container. So far no troubles!

Do you separate your measuring spoons or do you prefer to keep them on the ring?

(Image: Flickr member Muffet licensed under Creative Commons)