Quick Tip: How to Get a Stubborn Pit Out of Stone Fruit

Quick Tip: How to Get a Stubborn Pit Out of Stone Fruit

Emma Christensen
Jul 13, 2009

Ideally, cutting open a peach or nectarine is a simple matter of cutting the fruit in half from top to bottom, twisting, and then popping out the pit. But sometimes it doesn't work out quite so nicely. Here's what we do!

If the one half of the fruit releases, but the pit stays firmly ensconced in the other side, we simply cut the fruit into segments while it's still attached to the pit. With a little wiggling, these thinner segments release much more easily from the pit than the whole half.

If we can't get either half to release, a different tactic is needed. In these cases, we first cut the entire fruit into segments from top to bottom. Then we begin making perpendicular slices through the segments - essentially cutting the fruit into lines of latitude and longitude.

Working carefully, we run the knife along the pit, half slicing the fruit away and half using the knife as a wedge to pry the fruit off. The fruit ends up falling off the pit in pre-cut cubes.

It's not the neatest way to eat a peach, but it works! What do you do when the pit is being stubborn?

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(Images: Emma Christensen for the Kitchn)

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