Quick Tip: Freezing Bacon

Quick Tip: Freezing Bacon

Emma Christensen
Mar 31, 2008

Bacon adds a subtle sweet and smoky flavor to food, and we love using it as a base in a lot of our dishes. But unless we're planning a hearty breakfast the next day, it's annoying to buy a whole package when we only need a slice or two.

Freezing slices individually is a simple solution to this problem and also ensures that we have bacon on-hand for dishes like our New England Fish Chowder, Herbed Lentils with Bacon, and stir-fried greens.

To freeze individual slices of bacon, first tear off a long length of plastic wrap. Lay one piece of bacon at the end and roll it once in the plastic so that it's completely wrapped. Lay another piece of bacon on top of the first (so that there's a layer of plastic wrap between the two) and roll it again. Keep stacking slices of bacon and rolling until you've used the entire package of bacon. (Note: If you prefer not to use plastic wrap, parchment paper works just as well.)

When you need a slice for cooking, just unroll the bundle to expose the top layer of bacon and break it off! Since bacon is so thin and fatty, it will thaw in a few minutes at room temperature while you're preparing the other ingredients for your meal.

We also find that it's actually easier to cut bacon into an even dice while it's still frozen!

(Image Credit: Emma Christensen for the Kitchn)

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