Quick Tip: Descale Your Kettle with Carrot Peels

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A warm cup of tea cures almost any ailment, but if you live in a city like mine, it seems you end up descaling your kettle pretty frequently. The minerals and salts in the water just build up.

Although there are many home remedies for this, your nightly dinner prep can take care of things for you.

All you need are some carrots.

I recently mentioned my mass carrot peeling adventure and it reminded me of this simple tip my grandmother used to use. Last year I moved to a new state and with that came new water from a different county. The hard water means constant build-up and although we’re dealing with that, until changes are made, carrots can come to my rescue.

Peeling a carrot for a snack or soup? Toss the peels in your kettle with enough water to cover them. Bring to a boil and drain. Place the peels in the trash and reboil a fresh pot of water one more time to remove remaining scale and carrot juice.

Also, if the ground isn’t yet frozen when you live, water your plants with the carrot water and give them a juicey pick me up!

(Image: Flickr member Phil and Pam licensed for use by Creative Commons)