Quick Meal Idea: Salad-Stuffed Pita Pockets

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

You might not know it yet, but this is about to be your new favorite way to eat salad. In fact, you might want to buy an extra bag of greens next time you’re out because you’re going to be craving this at odd hours. It’s such a simple idea, and there are two tricks to making it extra special!

First, lightly toast your pita so it’s a little crunchy and still warm when you bite into it. Even better, make your own pita and eat it fresh out of the oven.

Second – and this is very important! – stuff that pita within an inch of its life. Every nook and cranny. It may not look it in the picture above, but those two pita pockets are holding about half a bag of greens between them. It’s as much salad as we would normally serve 2 or 3 people! Taking a bite, you get chewy bread and then a perfect proportion of flavorful crunchy greens. A few leaves just doesn’t cut it!

We’d also recommend keeping the salad fairly simple. Our favorite is just a mix of greens tossed very lightly with balsamic vinaigrette, a few thin shavings of parmesan, some dried cranberries, and a handful of almonds. If you want it a little heartier, add a slice of deli meat. Just remember that the fresh crunchy greens are the real show-stopper here.

This makes a great light meal to eat when you’re running out the door. You don’t have to mess with plastic containers on your lap or forks in your backpack – just stuff and go. If you’re packing a lunch, we’d recommend packing everything separately and then stuffing the pitas at the last minute. Otherwise the greens wilt and the bread gets soggy.

We have to give props to Punch Pizza in Minneapolis, Minnesota for this idea. They bake flat rounds of their incredible pizza dough in a wood-fired oven and then stuff the puffy flatbread with various salads. The first time we had it, we couldn’t believe how simple and tasty it really was! And of course we couldn’t wait to get home and try making it ourselves.

It’s seriously good. Give it a try!

(Image: Emma Christensen for the Kitchn)