4 Tips for Softening Butter, Fast!

(Image credit: Megan Gordon)

Recently I was making a batch of brownies for a friend who was going to drop by, and I didn’t have the butter nice and soft. I’d just made tea and had a genius idea: I’ll put the butter in close enough proximity to the warm burner that it’ll soften in no time. Well you can probably guess what actually occurred: melted butter on the burner. Dumb move. Here’s a better way…

If only I’d come across the blog Weelicious first. Recently writer and blogger Catherine McCord gave us four simple tips for softening your butter fast.

I’d heard of a few of the tips (cutting it into small pieces is always a winner), but there was one that I’d never thought of (put it in a Ziploc bag and immerse in warm water for a few minutes).

While we’d talked about butter softening tips years back here on The Kitchn, it’s a good reminder as we come into holiday baking season. Catherine posted a fun video of her and daughter Chloe putting the tips to good use.

Check out the video: 4 Quick Ways to Soften Butter at Weelicious

What’s your favorite way to soften butter quickly?