Questions for Kimball: What’s Up With Adam from Equipment Corner?

Christopher Kimball from Cook’s Illustrated took questions from Kitchen readers. This week, we’re posting his replies.

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Here’s today’s question:
We love your gadget testing guy Adam Ried. Does he
do other projects at Cook’s Illustrated besides testing gadgets?

No, Adam is stuck in the equipment corner although we have two other full-time employees who work on these testings as well, Lisa and Liz.

Two years ago, Adam took a one-year sabbatical in Paris (not sure why I don’t get to do that)and is now working on a part-time basis. He also appears on both of our cooking shows. (We are introducing a new show next summer based on Cook’s Country Magazine.) Adam is also a huge antique car buff — we both own antique Citroens, our favorite manufacturer.

He just purchased a CX and Adrienne and I own a DS, an SM, and a Traction Avant, the classic Citroen model that was made up until the 1950s. Vive Citroen!

– Christopher Kimball


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