The Queen Is a “Total Chocoholic,” Former Royal Chef Reveals

(Image credit: Shaun Jeffers)shutterstock

I’m grateful that the British royal family exists, because it allows the rest of us to procrastinate at work by wondering, “What does the Queen do all day?” When de facto British cultural ambassador and famed cartoon pig, Peppa Pig, considered that question, she came to the conclusion that because a queen can do whatever she wants, queens must spend all their time eating chocolate cake.

It turns out she’s not that far off, because a former British royal chef says Queen Elizabeth is a tremendous fan of chocolate — and chocolate cake in particular. Queens, they’re just like us!

“The Queen is a total chocoholic!” former royal chef Darren McGrady told Food & Wine. People have been sent to the Tower for less, but fortunately the current Queen seems to be a relatively friendly monarch. Maybe it’s all the chocolate.

McGrady told Food & Wine the Queen used to enjoy a few slices of cake with her afternoon tea, which she has every day between lunch and dinner. Her favorite cake by far is a dark chocolate biscuit cake, which he says she loves so much that she actually travels with it, so she never has to be without it. (McGrady told Today it’s the same recipe Prince William used for his groom’s cake in 2011, because he also is a big fan.)

It wasn’t always cake, though. Sometimes he says she’d enjoy a chocolate eclair or a slice of chocolate pie instead.

Queens are still human, though, and McGrady says the queen switched from cakes to small sandwiches with her afternoon tea, because she has cut back on sweets and sugar in recent years in the interest of staying healthy. She even takes her Earl Grey tea plain, without any milk or sugar.

When the Queen is entertaining, guests can still expect elaborate, multi-course royal meals, McGrady says. But when she’s just eating for herself, he reports that she sticks to small meals of lean meat and vegetables, and her favorite cereal is the same Special K any of us can buy at the grocery store.

There is still chocolate cake sometimes — just less of it. Considering she just celebrated her 92nd birthday this weekend, the healthy eating plan seems to be working.