Organics Aren’t Worth It, Says Quartz

(Image credit: Emily Han)

Those sound like fighting words to us.

In an article published over the weekend, the news site Quartz laid out a case about why they don’t think it’s worth it to buy organic fruits and vegetables.

Before we get into their case, the one thing they do recommend (and which we agree with wholeheartedly) is that if you want to know more about your produce, shop the farmers market. You can ask about how the food is grown and you know it (probably) hasn’t traveled too far to reach you.

Back to Quartz’s argument against organics. Here are a few of their key points:

  • Organics cost anywhere from 29 to 32 percent more than conventional produce, but the cost of running an organic farm (after certification) is usually only 5 to 7 percent more.
  • The natural pesticides that many large organic farms use also have some serious environmental concerns.
  • Any nutritional benefits of organic produce over conventional are too small to really make a difference in your health.
  • Laborers on organic farms aren’t necessarily treated better than other farm workers.

Read the full case on Quartz, and let us know if you agree with them that organic has become just another term for luxury when it comes to your groceries.