Looking for a Simple (Vegan) Cake for a First Birthday

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Q: I am looking for a simple, good First Birthday cake for my twins. They were very-early preemies, so we are still kind of on our “first foods.” I haven’t introduced eggs or milk yet (although they have had yogurt).

I thought about just doing an apple crisp with oatmeal topping, but how fun is a 1st birthday without frosting everywhere!? Any ideas?

Sent by Jessica

Editor: Jessica, happy birthday to your twins! What a fun occasion. If you want to serve a simple dessert but still have the fun look of a more traditional birthday cake, what about a vegan cake? I actually really love this vegan recipe for an orange cake; it’s moist and sticky, and not too sweet.

You could frost with a little powdered sugar whisked into yogurt, or skip frosting altogether and dust with powdered sugar instead.

Readers, what would you suggest for Jessica and her twins?

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