The Force Is Strong with Pyrex’s Star Wars-Themed Containers (and They’re Selling Out Fast!)

updated Feb 24, 2021
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Star Wards Pyrex containers
Credit: Pyrex

Lunch leftovers deserve better than a little bit of plastic wrap — both for keeping them tasting as fresh as possible, and so you can keep your fridge in some semblance of organization. Sometimes we hope our leftovers will even taste out of this world, but the container and cookware company Pyrex has found a way to take yesterday’s mac and cheese and make it totally out of this galaxy: they’ve released a collection of Star Wars-themed containers.

The containers first came out on May 4 this year and they sold out fast — but they’re back! So once again, Star Wars fans can get their favorite Droids and Dark-siders emblazoned on the side of their tempered glass containers. There’s even Baby Yoda (er, “The Child”) containers, which command the user to “Protect Attack Snack!” or ask “Snack! Please.” There’s also a normal Yoda version, with light sabers and, oddly, a bright pink lid, which gives it more of a cartoonish feel. The Droids get a purple lid, and there’s BB-8, C-3PO, and R2-D2 going “Beep Beep.” Another version features Darth Vader and his Death Star, along with TIE fighters with a fittingly black lid, while Chewbacca and his Millennium Falcon share their own container. The various containers, which come in four-cup round sizes or three-cup rectangular, can be bought together as an eight-piece set, or on their own (although a few have already sold out).

You can find them on the Pyrex website, but savvy shoppers should also check their local Costco, where the full set goes for less than half of full price — $17.99 instead of $40.

Previously, Pyrex has incorporated other characters into their pieces, including a Mickey Mouse collection they launched earlier this year. The 105-year-old cookware company started making its non-expansion glass for railroads in 1915, but then transitioned to the innovative material’s best use: cooking. They still make it all — including this latest collection — right here in the U.S, with their factory based in Charleroi, Pennsylvania.