My Pyrex Measuring Cups Are My Most-Used Kitchen Tools

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Credit: Casey Barber

One of my most-used kitchen essentials are my liquid measuring cups from Pyrex, which I’ve had since 2007. I bought them when I moved into my first apartment. My mom used my move as an excuse to give me her old kitchen wares and get new stuff for herself, but she refused to give me her Pyrex liquid measuring cups, which I believe are from the ’80s.

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Why Are These Pyrex Measuring Cups Such a Good Classic?

The Pyrex 3-Piece Glass Measuring Cup Set is super durable and is safe for the freezer, microwave, dishwasher, and even oven. It only costs around $25 and my set from 2007 still looks brand new — talk about a great investment!

I have fond memories of cooking with my mom, using these humble measuring cups for all manner of liquids. My sister and I sometimes borrowed them (likely without asking) and used them to make “potions” in the backyard. They survived these adventures with nary a scratch. 

My own Pyrex 3-Piece Glass Measuring Cup Set has been with me through at least three moves (two of them cross-country). These things really don’t want to break — I accidentally dropped one on my brick fireplace and it survived, although I don’t recommend doing this on purpose. I haven’t had to replace any of them, but I’m this close to getting another set. Given that its parent company, Instant Brands, filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, it might be one of the last times I can buy some new Pyrex pieces for my kitchen. 

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What’s So Great About the Pyrex 3-Piece Glass Measuring Cup Set? 

The non-porous BPA-free glass measuring cups don’t show stains or absorb odors or flavors — even when I make my own taco seasoning and go heavy on the chili powder. The signature Pyrex red measurement markings have also remained intact. You wouldn’t even know that my set is older than my children by the look of them! 

Credit: Laura Wheatman Hill

Unlike regular measuring cups, a liquid measuring cup like this one accounts for the fact that it’s difficult to pour liquids to the top and then into your bowl without spilling. The curved spout makes for spill-less pouring and the handle is easy to hold one-handed while you use the other to stir or stabilize your mixing bowl. The glass helps you get an accurate read, even with more viscous liquids that might stick to the sides. Besides liquid cup measurements, there are also ones for milliliters and ounces. 

I use the 2-cup measuring cup most often. I even purchased a second individually so I’d have a backup. The 1-cup version is also handy for most recipes I make, few of which require more than a cup of liquid. I often use the 4-cup for making bubbles, homemade cleaning solutions, double batches of cupcakes for my kids’ birthday parties, and when fertilizing my indoor plants with the type of plant food that dissolves into water. The markings help me measure out the appropriate fertilizer-to-water ratio. If I’m watering plants from the bottom up, the 4-cup Pyrex is also wide enough to hold most of my pots, too. A quick wash in the dishwasher, and they’re good to go.

Credit: Laura Wheatman Hill

The cups are freezer-, microwave-, and oven-safe, so they can go from melting butter in the microwave to getting clean in the dishwasher over and over without wear or damage. They also nest within each other for space-saving storage.

If I were to do the math, my set from 2007 has definitely paid for itself, so grabbing a second set seems like a no-brainer investment. Pyrex is a trusted brand that has maintained its quality and popularity all these years, and I wouldn’t want any other brand in my kitchen.