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I Own More than 20 of These Storage Containers and They’re the Best for Meal Prep

updated Mar 4, 2021
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Credit: Nilina Mason-Campbell

My approach to Sunday night meal prep is to cook as if I’m feeding a family of eight, so that I don’t have to cook all week. Is it a lot? Absolutely. But it means I have a well-stocked fridge and one less thing to worry about. And my favorite Pyrex glass bowls are what make it possible to store it all.

My love for these containers started back in 2015 when I bought a six-piece set, which included three 2-cup round glass bowls and their lids. Now, I own nearly two-dozen of these containers.

These bowls really fit my lifestyle. Before COVID, I would do background/extra work each spring in Los Angeles, California, which meant leaving for set super early on the weekdays and getting home late at night. A booking usually didn’t get confirmed until the night before, so it was important to have food and meals ready to go for when I got back home after 14-hour days.

Even though I’m at home more now, I still like to make large pots of soup and pack it away in individual portions, which these containers are the perfect size for. I place half in the fridge for more immediate eating and half in the freezer so I can thank myself later (in fact, half of my freezer is usually dedicated to these containers). And one great thing about these bowls is that they’re both microwave- and oven-safe, so I can heat things up without having to transfer food to another dish, cutting down on cleanup. Oh! And they’re dishwasher-safe, too.

Credit: Nilina Mason-Campbell

Speaking of oven-safe, I also like to cook some of my food directly in the bowls — cutting up a bunch of vegetables at once, dividing the pieces between the containers, individually seasoning each bowl, and popping them into the oven all at once. After they cool down, I add their lids and into the fridge they go.

While the kinds of meals I store in them changes throughout the year (lately, I’ve been on a big quinoa-and-veggies kick), my love for them remains steadfast. And having so many allows me to store a wider variety of food, so I can have different things throughout the week. Because, as they say, variety is the spice of life.

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