Putting The Freeze On Summer Produce

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I had a melancholy morning at the farmers market on the Boulevard Richard Lenoir yesterday, watching the seasonal shift from summer to fall. The weather was mild, so I grabbed a half dozen stalks of rhubarb to make a compote. But when I got home and began to chop, I started regretting that I hadn’t taken better advantage of rhubarb season — nearly over, and I hadn’t even managed to make myself sick of it yet!

I have always been strict about sticking to seasonal produce, not one to turn summer fruit into jam for winter. What’s more, I don’t have that much storage space, and my little Parisian freezer is big enough to fit two pairs of high heels. But it occurred to me that there might not be any harm in making an extra batch of rhubarb compote and freezing it for the rhubarb-less days ahead. The same idea would work for summer cherries or plums. And you could even stretch your love of summer strawberries by tucking fresh strawberries into the rhubarb compote, one of my favorite summer treats.

Do you freeze summer produce for the chilly months ahead?

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– Kristin Hohenadel blogging from Paris. She can be reached at kristin @ apartmenttherapy . com