Put Little Pizzas on a Bigger Pizza, Achieve True Pizzaception

(Image credit: Adrianna Adarme)

If you dream it, you can do it. That’s the motto to follow when making this pizzaception creation — little pizzas, with all sorts of fun toppings, on top of one big pizza. What a time to be alive!

In order to avoid falling into a doughy carb coma, follow this one rule: Don’t let the dough rise — at all. Once you make both the dough for the large pizza and the mini pizzas, put them in the fridge immediately to stop the rise.

As far as toppings for the mini pizzas go, the sky’s the limit — but the recipe includes the following ideas: dried pancetta and pineapple; pepperoni; delicata squash; fresh arugula and prosciutto; mushroom, Parmesan, and thyme; and buffalo chicken.

This would be really fun to make with friends or family — especially if you usually have a hard time agreeing on what type of pizza to order from your favorite take-out spot. With this pizza, everyone gets their way!

Get the Recipe: Pizzaception: Lil’ Pizzas on Pizza from A Cozy Kitchen