Something Sweet, Something Salty: 6 Easy Weeknight Dessert Pairings

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Most nights of the week, about an hour after I’ve eaten dinner, I wander into the kitchen in search of something sweet. And typically, after pondering for two or so minutes, I emerge with a bit of something sweet, a small handful of something salty, and maybe a mug of mint tea. Everything gets arranged neatly in a little bowl, and voila — the easiest dessert of all time. Here are 6 pairings for a quick, satisfying dessert to round off any meal, any night of the week:

On weeknights in, when there’s rarely time to whip up something more substantial for a dessert, this little ritual I talk about above satisfies my sweet tooth fast. It’s perfect for an evening spent by myself on the sofa reading, but also great for an impromptu dinner guest or a Netflix date night. For two, double the servings and arrange a variety of combinations neatly in various bowls and small plates on a platter in a sort of reverse appetizer.

6 Simple Dessert Pairings

Salted Roasted Almonds + Dark Chocolate – Pair each almond with a small tab of really good dark chocolate. It’s unreal how simple and delicious this is every time. Flavored dark chocolates, like chili or orange peel, are also great.

Sliced Pear + Blue Cheese – Spread cambozola, or another creamy blue, on crisp, just ripe pears. Or, slice large, crumbly chunks of gorgonzola on pears, to top with a drizzle of honey.

Nutella + Anything – While I think I could eat nutella off of styrofoam probably, my favorites are strawberries, pretzels, and potato chips. Straight off the spoon? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Apples + Cheddar – Pair crisp fall apples with cheddar or anything else sharp or nutty in the fridge.

Speculoos + Strawberries – Like nutella, this ginger cookie spread is definitely not best when on a spoon by itself, right? Smear on strawberries, if you have guests.

Figs + Goat Cheese – If you’re in the fresh fig sweet spot, halve figs and top with a dab of goat cheese.

What are your easy dessert tricks in a pinch?

(Image: Flickr user Allison Hare licensed under Creative Commons)