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Pumpkin-Spice French Toast Is What Breakfast Dreams Are Made Of

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It seems like every restaurant with a great brunch has a wildly over-the-top take on French toast, something a person just has to order, even if they expected to be ordering bacon and eggs. This pumpkin spice French toast with cheesecake-flavored whipped topping and brown butter maple syrup is the sort of breakfast people would 100% wait in line for — but, here’s the thing: You don’t have to! You can make it at home.

Dipping thick toast in a pumpkin-spice mixture and letting it sit for a few minutes before baking lets the bread absorb all that rich, creamy, pumpkin-spice flavor. Then instead of frying it in butter on the stove, it’s baked in the oven so you can make a big batch all at once — and if you have the time and people to treat, you absolutely should. This is the sort of meal people will remember their whole lives. It’s perfect for celebrating an event or holiday, or if you just want to turn a weekend breakfast into a special occasion. 

On top of the convenience factor, the author says another reason to bake French toast in the oven is that it comes out really good. The outside develops a crisp, golden brown crust, while the inside is creamy and fluffy and puffs up while cooking so your French toast tastes like a sweet, custardy cloud.

You might think you’d miss the browned butter flavor of traditional griddle-cooked French toast, but don’t worry: Browned butter is added to the maple syrup before drizzling it over the French toast and whipped cheesecake topping, so you won’t miss out on anything.  

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