4 Tips to Make a Pumpkin Pie So Much Easier

published Nov 1, 2018

Stressed about hosting the big dinner? Don’t be. They’re just simple, homey recipes that you can totally master. Kitchn and OXO sent Faith Durand, our editor-in-chief, into two newbie hosts’ home to prove it. In four episodes, we’ll send you into Turkey Day more excited and confident than ever before. And lucky for us, today is all about dessert!

“Easy as pie.” “Piece of cake.” Where did these colloquialisms even come from? Baking can be kinda hard. If it were easy, do you think we’d have a million reality series dedicated to documenting the drama of it all? The good news is that it can be easier. Faith knows that — she’s our editor-in-chief — and sometimes we let her out of the internet to help home cooks. Today she’s in Atlanta to help Jorge (he covers food for Atlanta Eats yet somehow has never made a pie) with one of the easiest pumpkin pie recipes ever. (Her first tip: Don’t bother with the apple pie; ask a guest to bring it.)

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1. Don’t do the dough.

“Store-bought is fine!” is one of our favorite phrases ever. (Thank you for your blessing, St. Ina.) When it comes to pies, it really is the case. Frozen pie dough has gotten so good that there’s really no reason to make your own. Just be sure to check the ingredients and look for a dough that’s made with all butter and not shortening. A no-slip, less-mess Silicone Pastry Mat is a big win when it comes time to roll it out.

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2. Four ingredients are all it takes.

You can make a thoroughly delicious pumpkin pie filling with just four ingredients. Pumpkin, sweetened condensed milk, pumpkin pie spice, and eggs. That’s it! Don’t even bother trying to make a pie with fresh pumpkin — it tastes the same. This is one recipe where canned products are your friends. OXO makes the measuring and mixing easier (of course they do) with clever improvements to the basics, like with an Angled Measuring Cup you can read from above (never hunch over again) and Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls that are light, portable, and non-slip bottomed to stay in place.

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3. Own the decor.

Yes, pumpkin pie is certainly predictable on Thanksgiving, but you can still make it unique! It’s all about the flourish. Make some homemade whipped cream infused with bourbon or cinnamon, or chop up some toasted pecans in the One Stop Chop Manual Food Processor (it’s smaller than an electric but just as effective, and a nifty suction bottom keeps it in place) to delightfully sprinkle around.

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4. Prep the coffee ahead.

This is as “but first, coffee” as it gets. Prep your coffee maker the night before and lay out a tray with mugs, spoons, and sugar so everything is ready to go when it comes time for dessert. OXO’s 9-Cup Coffee Maker regulates the trifecta of what makes a good pot — brew time, water temp, and water volume — and makes however many cups you need in a brew.

And finally, all of this can be done a day or two before Thanksgiving! Most pies — pumpkin for sure — are fine hanging out in the fridge for a day. Just wait to garnish until Thanksgiving morning. Schedule a little pie time into your calendar on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, and your Thursday Thanksgiving Day self will thank you.

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Since you probably skipped right to the dessert episode first, this is your opportunity to catch up on the rest of our Thanksgiving Toolkit episodes, when we talked about turkey and sides. Then grab some tips for the whole dinner and you’ll be ready to host with confidence!

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