This Seriously Cute Halloween Decoration Is Also Seriously Easy

published Oct 21, 2022
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Plastic jack-o-lanterns used as planters on front porch.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

While we love an all-out Halloween-themed display, you don’t need inflatable skeletons to make your home feel fun and festive. Instead, try this cute and crafty DIY from HomeTalk. We love this fall decoration idea because it looks amazing, but it’s also so convenient and versatile.

Basically, you grab a few plastic Halloween pails, take off the handles on top, and then drill a hole in the bottom of each one. Next, you stack the pails on a metal rod in a larger planter on your porch. Finally, add some soil and cute fall plants inside the pumpkin pails. Seriously cute, right?

Credit: Sarah Crowley

How to Make It Your Own

You can use all those pumpkin pails you’ve been collecting over the years — try using different colors for a fun palette! — or if you don’t have any, just grab a couple from the Dollar Store on the cheap. How many pumpkin pails you end up using is totally up to you. More pails add more height to make a fun statement in front of your home, but you’ll also need more plants and potting soil.

You can also use almost whatever plants you want inside the pails, with one caveat: Make sure you choose fall-hardy plants that won’t wither in soon-to-arrive cooler temps. What works for you, of course, depends on what’s available where you live and what your climate is. Check out the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to find out which zone you’re in — or talk to an employee at your local nursery — and choose a plant that’s considered “hardy” wherever you are. 

Mums are widely available at grocery stores and nurseries this time of year and are known to withstand a frost or two during the chilly fall months. Ornamental peppers, which you can also easily score at the store in the fall months, offer another unique take on Halloween vibes — just don’t eat them!

No matter what you choose, be sure to stay on top of your plant care routine. You want all your hard work to shine when Halloween finally arrives!