Pulled & Shredded: 10 Slow-Cooked Summer Recipes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There are few greater pleasures than an excellent pulled pork sandwich. Unless we’re talking about pulled goat tacos. Or smoky pulled barbecue chicken or a plate of shredded beef so tender it melts in the mouth. It’s hard to choose, so why try?

The beauty of pulled meat of any kind is its versatility. Make it into a sandwich with soft hamburger buns and a scoop of coleslaw. Roll it up in a tortilla with crunchy radishes and cotija cheese. Drop it on pizza, stuff it inside calzones, or toss it with pasta: there are plenty of ways to use it all week long.

Many of these recipes are also ideally suited for the slow-cooker, which we love in the summer because it doesn’t heat up our kitchens! If the recipe calls for oven-cooking, here’s how to adapt it to the slow-cooker.

From The Kitchn:

From Around the Web:

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7. Chicken Tingas Sandwich from Serious Eats
8. Cochinita Pibil from Simply Recipes (reviewed on The Kitchn)
9. Ropa Vieja – Shredded Beef from Saveur
10. Braised Goat from the San Francisco Chronicle

Come across any other good recipes for shredded meat lately?