Pu’er Tea & Lime Pops: The (Illustrated) Snacks of Authors

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It seems fitting that Michael Pollan would snack on pu’er tea and roasted almonds while he writes, doesn’t it? Slightly more surprising is Mary Roach’s love of beef pho and corn nuts!

Artist Wendy MacNaughton uncovered several writers with odd snacking habits in her research for this beautiful spread in last weekend’s New York Times. Her illustrations of these habits give a fun peak inside the days, and minds, of our favorite authors.

MacNaughton covers everyone from Lord Byron (vinegar) to Joyce Maynard (lime popsicles) in her sketch, but I actually loved her own snack confession the most. Her work snack of choice is a bowl of crunchy garlic croutons. Or as MacNaughton calls them, “Pavlovian pellets to keep my spirits up.”

I admit to a slight gummy bear addiction when I’m in the throes of a major project. Other than that, I’m with Michael Pollan and keep fueled with endless cups of tea.

What snacks help keep your work day moving along?

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(Image: Wendy MacNaughton via The New York Times)