Is Publix Open on Thanksgiving 2022?

published Nov 23, 2022
Exterior of Publix Supermarket
Credit: Courtesy of Publix Super Markets Inc.

Every year, conversations about Thanksgiving food tend to revolve around turkey. Considering the fowl will be the centerpiece of many dinner spreads on Thursday, November 24, the attention absolutely makes sense for most. For those who identify as pescatarian, vegetarian, or vegan, however, the attention will be focused on the quality of the dinner’s supporting cast: the sides.

Whether it’s the creamy taste of mac and cheese or the sweet aroma of sweet potato casserole, many side dishes have become as integral to the celebration as turkey. Likewise, dessert can steal the show, too. And when it comes to that, no other grocery chain does dessert quite like Publix. 

From award-winning pies to classic sheet cakes, you can’t go wrong at the Publix bakery. And with the high demand for desserts like pumpkin pie on Turkey Day, you may be wondering: is Publix going to be open on Thanksgiving Day?

If you find yourself hoping to be able to stop by to pick up any last-minute items (or a sub!) from Publix, to keep with their tradition, all Publix stores will be closed on Thanksgiving.

Since its inception, the brand has granted employees the big day off to enjoy the holiday with friends and family. And now — after a brief stint of big box retailers opting to begin their Black Friday deals on Thursday — other stores like Target and Walmart are opting to follow Publix’s suit and close their doors for Thanksgiving, too.

So since Publix is closed, where does that leave you to go for any last-minute needs? Not to worry; this list of stores open on Thanksgiving is a good place to start the hunt for getting what you need.