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I Own a Juice Company — This Is the Only Orange Juice I’ll Buy at the Grocery Store

published Mar 5, 2023
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A single glass of fresh orange juice, sitting on top of a dark wood table in morning sunlight.
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I’ll be honest: Running a business is hard. When I started my company, Peach State Drinks, in 2019 with my partner, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. And now, nearly four years later, I’m proud to say I still have no idea what I’m doing sometimes. While that may sound comical to most, the truth is that running a business puts you in a constant space of learning and re-learning — both about yourself and your business.

Although I have plenty of things that I can thank my business for changing in my life, one of the most important things that sits comfortably toward the top of my list is how it has forced me to pay attention to other juices on the market — even if they don’t technically fall within my category (lemonade). As a result, I’ve been introduced to so many brands I would have never looked twice at before. Case in point? Publix GreenWise Organic No Pulp Orange Juice.

Credit: Ni'Kesia Pannell

What’s So Great About Publix GreenWise Organic No Pulp Orange Juice?

As a true Floridian, I am a Publix-lover through and through. I’m not one of the die-hard fried chicken fans like many of my fellow Florida peeps, but I am a GreenWise enthusiast. For the uninitiated, GreenWise is one of Publix’s store brands. After I stumbled on its Frosted Flakes, I began adding more GreenWise-label groceries to my cart whenever shopping at Publix. And while I don’t buy GreenWise products all the time, the one thing that I won’t waver on is picking up a few cartons of this orange juice.

Of course, many people argue that all orange juice is created equally, but as I learned after starting my business and sourcing fruit from multiple locations, that is absolutely not true. Truthfully, I have not tasted a better version of store-bought orange juice yet — and trust me, I’ve tried to find it.

Unlike other orange juice brands, GreenWise’s OJ isn’t thick when sipping. It’s an easy sip that often leaves me wanting more, although it’s filling enough to wrap it up after one glass. It’s made with one ingredient — organic orange juice — and each 52-ounce container runs me about $5 (sans tax), which is a pretty decent price for the taste it garners, if you ask me. (You’ll find it for slightly more online and depending where you live.)

While I do give the majority of my personal allocated juice tastings to my own Brown Sugar Lemon-Aid flavors (especially during busy season), my day just isn’t complete if I don’t have at least a sip of my favorite orange juice. And once you taste this particular orange juice, sipping on any other brand just won’t taste the same.

Buy: Publix GreenWise Organic No Pulp Orange Juice, $6.09 for 52 ounces at Publix

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