This Tiny $16 Amazon Find is the Best Secret Weapon Against Everyday Messes

published May 19, 2022
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Keeping counters, desks, and dinner tables clean can be hard, especially when those spaces are in constant use. Sweeping up small messes can also be frustrating, because it’s only after you’re done that you notice you forgot a few specks of dusts or food debris. But there is an inexpensive gadget that can solve this problem: a crumb vacuum. Our friends at Apartment Therapy have found quite a few of these small and mighty mini vacs that they’ve liked, including a ladybug-shaped vacuum that picks up scraps like a pro. No, they don’t have as strong suction as a standard handheld vacuum or as large of a trash storage container, but they can certainly tackle small messes that you might otherwise try to sweep away with the side of your hand. For crumbs, paper scraps, and yes, even glitter, these little vacuums are small enough to sit on your desk or fit conveniently inside a drawer for instant access whenever you need them. Many are battery-operated, but what shoppers love about the Prowithlin Desktop Vacuum Cleaner on Amazon is that it’s not only stylish, it comes with additional tools for detailed cleaning, and it’s rechargeable, too. 

This mini desktop vacuum is one of the sleekest I’ve seen to date. It has the typical round design of other palm-sized vacuums, but with grooves that make it easier to grip without straining your hand as you pass it over tabletop debris (much like a standard computer mouse). There’s no filter in this vacuum, so bristles beneath its body help sweep up the garbage before it gets sucked into the hole at the bottom. The trash receptacle is on the underside of the vacuum, and you just give the vacuum a twist to open it up to empty it. It also comes with a mini brush and a USB charging cable. The vacuum can be fully charged in two hours and can run for twice as long.

“I love this little vacuum!” says one happy Amazon shopper. “It works really well for light clean up, which I needed at my desk. I had been using a standard handheld vacuum, and it was too cumbersome for that purpose. This little green machine actually works better for what I am using it for. This little thing is perfect! And at a great, inexpensive price for such a useful tool. I just ordered another one because I’m sure I’ll find more uses for it.”

Other uses for the Prowithlin mini vacuum include car seats, office chairs, pianos, craft tables, and even keyboards. The gadget comes with a nozzle for more precise cleaning — it’s capable of getting into those tiny cracks that larger vacuums can’t reach. “So far I’m liking this little vacuum. It came charged and ready to go,” reads a review. “I’m at my desk working a lot, and I eat snacks that leave crumbs all over it. This vacuum works great for getting up the mess. It’s easy to turn on and off and empty, and doesn’t take up much room. I just leave it sitting out on my desk so I can grab it whenever I need it, and it just looks like another piece of my office supplies.”

Every crafter knows that project messes don’t always stay on the table. I’ve had more than a few run-ins with glitter to know the stuff gets everywhere. This tiny vacuum even handles those pesky problems without a hitch. One customer said that it even helped with clothes! “I’ve only had this little workhorse for a short time, but so far I absolutely love this for my laptop and craft table!” the reviewer says. “It sucks up the little bits and dust like a pro. I’ve even used it to clean up any “craft bits” on my clothes or seat that came off a project. It charges fast, has great suction and a full charge keeps this thing going for days. It seems easy enough to clean and the little brush it came with is enough to clear out anything that doesn’t come out when I empty it. If you’re on the fence, just buy it!”

If I’m ever on the lookout for another desktop vacuum, this is the one I’ll be picking up!

Buy: Prowithlin Desktop Vacuum Cleaner, $15.99 (normally $16.99)

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