A Super-Smart Way to Reuse Those Ugly Promotional Magnets You Get for Free

published Feb 25, 2022
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Stack of promotional magnets
Credit: Sarah Crowley

For obvious reasons, the refrigerator tends to become the command center of the home. (It’s one place we’re sure to look on a daily basis!) It serves as a bulletin board, full of a household’s “current events.” Yours may hold flyers for the school fundraiser, a kindergarten drawing from six years ago, a birth announcement of a new nephew, a shopping list, and engagement photos of loved ones. See, the fridge’s exterior decor can be a big part of what makes a house a home. 

In my own home, I love our personal gallery of kids’ drawings and photos, which I try to keep orderly on one side of the refrigerator. It makes me smile and reminds me of the people, near and far, that I’m so grateful to have in my life.

The last thing I want to put on our refrigerator is a magnetic ad for a local company. It ruins the vibe. But the pizza place or tax accountant magnets don’t have to be tossed straight into the trash. I have a perfect and easy repurposing tip that I think you’ll love!

Credit: Sarah Crowley

Use a promotional magnet as a way to post fridge art.

Instead of throwing out those promotional magnets, use them to add to your fridge art collection. Grab some glue and a family photo or a colorful, inspirational quote you cut out or printed. Then, just glue the photo or paper to the magnet to cover up the ad, and you’ll have a personal art gallery that’ll grace your fridge for years. You can also make a photo or quote more durable by laminating it first before gluing on the promo magnet. Or you can try Mod Podge.

If you’re feeling a little more crafty, here are a few other ideas you can do with a promotional magnet.

  • Cut a strip of the magnet and glue it to a clothespin. Use the now-magnetic clothespin to hold your favorite recipe, photo, artwork, or important papers.
  • Cut the promo magnet into squares or fun shapes, and cover with washi tape to make smaller, more attractive fridge magnets.
  • Print out “Clean” and “Dirty” labels and make a dishwasher magnet to show your household what’s what.
  • Glue a promo magnet to a note pad for a DIY grocery list or message board.
  • Cut up a promotional magnet into smaller pieces, glue a picture of a family member onto each one, and use the pieces on a DIY chore chart.

How do you use a promotional magnet? Tell us in the comments below or, better yet, send us a photo.